Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nepal - Kathmandu valley

There were so many things that I assumed I knew about Nepal and the practices which was so wrong. They dont say without a reason that each place is unique; do they?

People are warm and friendly; accommodating and adjusting. Is that because we are tourists? I might not able to infer; in cities like Kathmandu; yes; everything comes with a price. But elsewhere; you realize that the tentacles of urbanization has not reached far yet. On two instances; I witnessed an entire village participating in the final procession for the dead and they were carrying placards and praying.

People are very religious and revere money as God. When the shop keepers or taxi drivers return the change; they bow low and fold their left hand to touch the right elbow. I remember we used to be that way long time ago. Not only this; there were many instances when I felt 'we used be this way'. People and their practices reminds you of late 80s and mid 90s India.

Another interesting stuff was people walking inside temples with footwear. They are fine as long as its not leather. And yeah, Nepal does not have railways and I did not see any flyovers. The one which awed me was the Nepali calendar. They officially follow Bikram Samwat which is 56.7 years ahead of Gregorian calendar. They are currently in the year 2068. 

Budhanilkantha village on Shivpuri hill. It started raining and we had to halt at a small shop which was serving hot sweetmeats and chai.

Budhanilkantha temple. The statue of Lord Vishnu reclining on coiled snake. It is said to be sculpted from a single block of stone which is not found in Nepal. It lies in a pond and appears floating. It is said to be at least 1300 years old. It is said that King of Nepal was not supposed to see the statue as it was prophesied that death will occur if he does so.

Swayambhunath Stupa.

A close up of the stupa. Buddha's eyes and the symbol of unity.

The stupa is surrounded by temples and monasteries and lot of shops.

An old modeled lock

I learnt this trick to pose with an object to show its size in comparison. This bell has chants engraved all over and was massive.

The dorje/vajra. This thunderbolt was huge as well.

View of Kathmandu valley

Inside the monastery. The aroma as the ghee burned was soothing

I wish I could buy all of these and get home.

Though it was tempting; I did not buy any of them. Cant wear them to work right?

Masks of Buddha and Ganesh.

Shopping complex

A miniature motorcycle. We got this home. It needs a makeover :)

Kathmandu Durbar Square or Basantpur Durbar Squar is the plaza in front of the old royal palace of Kathmandu. Its one of the squares and is a UNESCO World heritage site

The durbar square is the area which houses the kings royal palace where Malla kings resided. This complex boasts of impressive temples, shrines all inquisitively carved and is based on Newari architecture; showcasing the skills of craftsmen over several centuries. 

Kumari Ghar Its interesting to note another instance of Buddhism and Hinduism intertwined. A prepubescent girl from the Shakya clan of the Newari community is chosen as living goddess and revered by Hindus. The selection process is rigorous and gory. The link-back has the details.

Kumari ghar courtyard; where the living goddess lives was originally built in 757 AD and renovated in 1966

One of the various temples.

The Brisith built this palace as a replica of the palace in London at the request of the Malla king. The British could not overthrow Nepal; they made friends with them. Observe the he Union Jack on the compound

People visit the durbar square in the evening to pass time.

Another temple.


Statue of Hanuman beside the Hanuman dhoka - the gate leading to the courtyard of the Royal Palace. This statue is dated 1672; guards the gate. The statue is decked in a red cloth and an umbrella; face smeared with red paste. Hanuman is always clothed as women believe that seeing him without clothes would leave them infertile as Hanuman is a bachelor.

The stone sculpture of Kala Bhairav

Friday, August 26, 2011

Naming Cyclones

I wrote this article 2 years ago. Now that Ms. Irene the hurricane is on its way to North Carolina, Amrit wanted me to repost this one. So here it is with updates to reflect latest changes

All of us remember the devastation hurricane Katrina caused when it hit New Orleans. But for me, apart from that, I was wondering about its name 'Katrina" . I could only relate it to Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif; and thus could not help but wonder if hurricane Katrina was as glamorous as Katrina Kaif; this is on a lighter note.

My inquisitive mind started googling about cyclone names; as to how they get their names; who maintains them and such. I want to share some information from what I read sometime back.

To begin with; hurricane, cyclone, typhoon are all the same thing. The only difference is where they occur. Hurricanes are found in West Atlantic ocean,; cyclones in tropical ocean; except for Southeast Pacific and South Atlantic; whereas typhoons are found in West Pacific ocean.

Technically, all hurricanes can be cyclones; but not all cyclones are hurricanes. If the wind speed is more than 74 miles/hour, they are hurricanes; else they are just tropical storms or cyclones.

Hurricanes and cyclones are named. The practice started during the 1940s in order to quickly identify the storms and these names helped in transmitting warning messages and propagating the weather forecasts and other related information across several weather stations and to general public across the world.

The first use of proper name was by an Australian forecaster during early 20th century. He named the cyclones after political figures he disliked. During World War 2, tropical cyclones were given woman's names by US Army and Navy meteorologists; after their girlfriend or wives. They had noble intentions people; naming a cyclone is in no way related to the behavior of both the entities involved :-P

A variety of naming systems have been used; like names drawn from a phonetic alphabet system. But the names are not according to any preference; the names selected are those that are familiar with the region. Its obvious as the main purpose of using the name is to create awareness among people and to prepare for disasters.

Cyclones are named in a systematic procedure; and this lies with international committee of the World Meteorological Organization. There are 10 cyclone regions; Keila was part of Northern Indian Ocean region.
There are eight northern Indian ocean countries; which have prepared a list of 64 names. These countries are Bangladesh, India, the Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand

The next cyclone to hit the north Indian ocean region will be named Thane, a name given by Myanmar; and after that Murjan by Oman. These countries take turns in naming the cyclones. The names are used sequentially and once only.

Previous ones were

Sidr named by Oman
Nargis - named by Pakistan
Abe - nambed by Sri Lanka
Khai Muk - named by Thai Land
Nisha - named by Bangaldesh
Bijli - named by India
Aila - named by Maldives
Phyan - named by Myanmar
Ward - named by Oman
Laila - named by Pakistan
Bandu - named by Sri Lanka
Phet - named by Thailand
Giri - named by Bangladesh
Jal - named by India
Keila - named by Maldives

Next would be

Thane - named by Myanmar
Murjan - named by Oman
Nilam - named by Pakistan
Mahasen - named by Sti Lanka
Phailin - named by Thailand
Helen - named by Bangladesh
Lehar - named by India
Madi - named by Maldives
Nanauk - named by Myanmar
Hudhud - named by Oman
Nilofar - named by Pakistan
Priya - named by Sri Lanka

Generally, the names have to be concise and easy to be used; understood well enough and must not be culturally sensitive; it must not be inflammatory and definitely no room for misunderstanding.

The Atlantic Region cyclones are generally named after male and female names. It has a six year supply of names with 21 names each year. Why 21? Because letters Q, U, X, Y and Z are not used; as its tough to find 3 male and 3 female names with these letters. Few names are retired; means they are not used again; if it has caused huge destruction to life and property; like hurricane Katrina; which is replaced by a new name hurricane Katia; which would arrive in 2011. Such a proposal is generally made by the country which was worse affected; as a mark of respect for the victims.

And what happens if the cyclone crosses from one region to another? The names are simply retained.

To get the list of all the names from all the regions - go here http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/aboutnames.shtml

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I surprise myself each time I come up with some dramatic changes in the last minute. Whats with me is that I can take ages to decide on something very frivolous but would not take more than a blip to decide on major stuffs. This audacity is a typical Leo behavior. I did not want the passport expiry thing to play a spoilsport.

So it was Nepal. I had always wanted to visit Nepal - Pokhara and Lumbini and a secret wish to do a base camp trek. But this was off season; yet we just went ahead. The flight from Bangalore to Kathmandu was long and tiring. Bangalore-Chennai-Delhi-Kathmandu. Missed flight to Kathmandu from Delhi as the flight from Chennai landed late due to delay in landing clearance. Lost 4 hours; yet its still fine isnt it?

6 days was enough for just Kathmandu and Pokhara and a teeny bit of Gorkha.

Kathmandu is crowded and polluted. People I came across felt sorry about the current economic situation in Nepal. Civil wars, monarchy(remember that infamous shooting incident) and such had created havoc to the economy. Aggravating it are the trade unions who force companies to shut production. Surya Nepal - a unit of ITC shut shop on 16th Aug; 3000+ employees would lose jobs. Why? 3 months of production halt due to workers calling off work as they were not happy with salary(even though the company was paying better compared to others).

There are no proper roads, no public transport,  vehicles are expensive - 200% tax. A Nano costs 9 lakhs NPR; thats 5.6 lakhs INR! So one can imagine the vehicles state - old; rickety; ones that would be off roads in India. The currencies are torn, soiled. These simple things can tell a lot about a country's economy. You actually start feeling good about India - how it was and how far we have come. Yet; does not mean its enough done; we are capable of much more.

Anyway, the real shock occurred much earlier. What we heard at Delhi airport; they dont accept 500 and 1000 INR in Nepal. Now; I was laden with only them. For whatever reason best known, the guy at the Forex did not exchange our INR to $. He said; if you are going to Kathmandu; its not required. So we landed there only to find the notice everywhere in airport about non-acceptance of these currency notes. Things were starting to look bleak when the forex guy at the Tribhuvan airport was talking in puzzles. He said "you will get a solution. Go out of the airport". Now this was all shady. We decided we will use our debit/credit cards. But once we walked out of the airport; we understood what he was trying to convey. INR is trade-able in Nepal but not 500s and 1000s. Yet, everyone accepts it except for government agencies. (Oops this is a secret - an open secret) Why they dont accept is obvious. Black money from India crosses border and taxes evaded; thus the government does not accept 500s and 1000s. But its an open secret that people still continue doing so.

One can see a lot of temples. People are very religious. Shaivism is followed diligently. Temples are built in Pagoda style. Hinduism and Buddhism is mixed. A Buddhist temple is similar to Hindu temple. One can differentiate by the presence/absence of Thunderbolt- vajra or dorje and Prayer wheel in the temples. Nepal's indigenous people Newars practice Newar variant of Buddhism - Vajrayana; the third variant after Hinayana and Mahayana. Buddhist groups are influenced by Hinduism and vice versa. No one leaves home without applying the vermilion and rice grains paste on their forehead.

Thats a lot of information :-) Here are some pictures.

The first thing you will notice are the intricate and elaborate decorations on windows. This seems to be a typical Newari architecture.  Here is one such window at the hotel we stayed.

It was Raksha bandhan day. Brahmin/Priests are seen everywhere on streets. People offer them fruits, flowers and money to them while they tie sacred thread around the wrists and apply tilak. We got them as well :-D

This is a common sight in front of everyone's house/shop on that day

Another window!

The restaurant - the setting was awesome.

Traditional oil lamps hanging by - cant help noticing the intricate wood works.

Streets are narrow; lined with shops.

Rudraksha - cheap and easily available. Every street side flower shop sells them.

View of Pashupathinath temple. No photography allowed inside. The temple observes strict no entry wearing leather; very orthodox; only Hindus allowed. It is regarded as the most sacred temples of Lord Shiva. Its a UNESCO world heritage site. The temple is a 2 storied pagoda and was built in 17th century after the old one was eaten away by termites.

Entrance to the temple. One interesting fact is that the priests here are from South India. Thats how it has bee since the era of Mallas.

Behind the temple flows River Bhagmati. It serves as cremation ground. One can see lot of temples lined; where aarthi is performed every evening

Platforms to cremate. Its said that Lord Pashupathi needs the smoke without break. The burning bodies generate the smoke. The air has a pleasant odor. Its said that if there are no bodies to be cremated; they would fake a death and burn some wood to provide the smoke to the Lord but such a situation has not occurred yet; which means there is constant supply of bodies to be cremated. One can realize what life is. Generally tourists are not shown this spot unless insisted.

Preparing for cremation. We could see few sick/old people brought in to spend their last days here.

A delicately carved door. The buildings are all left without plastering exposing red bricks which looks aesthetic.

Boudhanath stupa - this ancient stupa is one of the largest in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Buddha on all 4 sides is a common sight in the Stupas visited. 

A monastery in the vicinity of the Stupa. 

A huge bell - so huge that it can dwarf an average man.

Prayer wheels around the Stupa

A huge prayer wheel inside the monastery. 


Many shops set up by Tibetan refugees around the Stupa selling trinkets, souvenirs and clothes.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

So long

I am back! (Arnold Schwarzenegger style) :-P

Catching up on tons of official emails makes one sick and tired. Too much information to grasp, responses to be sent accordingly; meetings to attend leaves no time for blogs and Facebook and chit-chats. Nah! I dont love my Facebook as much as others do; but it sort of gives you a glimpse of others' state.

For instance; a friend of mine suddenly seems to have grown a sense of responsibility towards India's economy. There are others who share videos and photos and the witty one-liners. I hate it when my so called friends prefer to leave a message on Facebook than calling me. My friends list would show me in poor light - mere 89. Now thats a very tiny number huh for others have 500+ as their friends.

It was my birthday this week. Thank you all for the belated wishes now :-D I prefer to hide it; dont let anybody know. My theory is simple; people would remember if they want to; else no sweat! A junior boy at work asked me why I had not published my birthday on Facebook. I just shrugged and said "I dont like to let the whole world know. People who remember it will wish me and that was enough. Maybe I was a sadist".

To which he said "No, you are not. That is your way of filtering people. Your inner circles would definitely remember. You are different". I dont know; maybe. Every year brings in new surprise; someone unexpected would all of a sudden remember the day and wish me. 3 years ago; one came down to Bangalore to spend time with me on my birthday. Thats that; he doesnt recall my birthday anymore :-) Thats how it is.

Yeah; it does not matter. A very dear friend whom I secretly wished to remember my birthday; forgot about it. It hurt me, I was not angry but just sad. Thats when I realized; if something is not remembered; its just not worth remembering. Aww philosophy? I have been observing that I get philosophical on weekends. Anyway; learning to accept works magic you know. The sooner you accept; the better it is. But yeah; the pace is slower than you would want to; the more you push something; the more it sticks on you. Before you even realize; you are obsessed with it. But then one fine day; even before you realize; you would have let go of it. How? When? No idea!

I am alone at home; lot of time to spend and I start thinking. Not that I dont think other days. But weekends - the calmness, the me-time gives a perfect ambiance for my thoughts to brood. I am feeling guilty for not being regular at my fitness regime. I will work towards it hereafter.

I am also feeling guilty for not being able to spend time on one of my responsibilities at work. I spoke about it with my manager and he said he wants me to concentrate on what I am doing right now; the other job can take a back seat. He mentioned that what I was doing now added more value to the team and the organization and I get showered with appreciations every chance available. It feels awkward to be getting only praises and no blames/complaints. :-| No, I am not flaunting; I am genuinely feeling awkward.

Yes, yes, I am coming to it. My vacation was great. I proved once again that I can decide on major things just at the snap of my finger but little things take a long long time. Let me keep you all in suspense. I shall soon be writing about it. A long travelogue :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

So near yet so far

Consider this - you want to do something and try implementing it but have to cancel at the last moment due to unavoidable circumstances.  How will you feel?

Disappointed to the least. And if you have flaunted about it to the world? Maybe frustrated and a wee bit of anger.

What if you persist and try to take that up after some time and yet again you dont succeed? But this time; you were on guard and not let know the world but your excitement couldn't keep you away from letting few people?How would you feel?

Disgust? Anger? Shame?

Disgusted about what? Anger on what? Why ashamed?

Yeah, this is about my potential sojourn to Sri Lanka which didnt happen both the times. :-( Actually twice with me and thrice with Velu.

Last year January; we planned to go to SL and spend a week and celebrate his birthday there. Unfortunately; had to cancel due to Presidential elections that week and my friend warned that it wont be safe to travel then. Even if we did; we would spend time inside hotel room. I had to cancel the flight tickets and thereby lost some money.

I dont like to plan my travel; there were no hotel bookings done and hence it was only on the flight I lost. I like to discover as I travel. So; a pre-planned itinerary for where to stay and how to commute and what to eat is a big NO-NO for me.

Anyway; last year's SL cancellation got compensated by USA-Costa Rica-Dubai-Mauritius.

Again, SL bug bit me last week and the flights were booked. I was extra careful to look for any unfortunate stuff that might pop up. Called up consulate to even check if they had that Visa on Arrival in place yet or have they scrapped it off. Got the map printed and lists of places to visit. The flight was tomorrow morning from Chennai. We were to travel to Chennai tonight. Last night; we were packing clothes and taking out the documents required for travel. I took the passports and God-knows-why I checked Velu's passport details.

The expiry was 4 months away!!! My heart almost stopped. Was I reading it right? I thought it was well next year but just 4 months away! I told this to him; and he just threw himself on the couch. Not again! I was still positive(positivity has embarked me on journeys that one could never dream)

We have our return tickets; we are staying for a week. My passport is still valid and his anyway is 4 months away for expiry. Grumbling and mumbling we were; he is an emotional baby; started hating his passport(poor thing as if it had a mouth and wasnt yelling about its expiry) and started hating SL as well.

Browsed online for passport expiry issues and it seemed few countries allowed up to 3 months but countries like SL, India and others were strict about 6 months. I was putting up a "Its OK...We can go some other time. But dont worry. We can still make it" kinda act. Internally; I was sad and wanted to burst out. I am again denied a chance to learn and explore something new!!

I skipped my meal, could not sleep. Called up the consulate this morning. They said they were strict about the policy. We can still go if we get a visa upfront; but the flight was tomorrow morning. That was not possible. A friend's brother said we could still come but did not want to take a risk. What if immigration in India stops? By the way; why the heck does one have immigration for departure? Ridiculous! If someone wants to get out; let go!!  Why was it happening again? Velu's mom and her siblings belonged to SL. All his cousins were born there. His mom was young when they migrated to India. His aunts keep mentioning about the treatment meted out to them and they were driven away from their home.

Repeated attempts to visit fails for one reason or the other. Is it a mere coincidence or something else? Its fine, now that its canceled; I am telling it to the world. I feel sad for my friend who from Switzerland talked to his brother in Colombo to make things easier for us and Velu's friends who tried to get us transport to travel and for trying their best to get all information needed. But we will sure visit SL someday and break this jinx :)

I did not want this to spoil the experience and learning we are entitled to have. So for now, a different place to explore. Will write about it once I am back ( I am scared now to mention anything at all) 

Monday, August 8, 2011

In Love - Head Over Heels

I am done with my Nicholas Sparks novel marathon. I wont be reviewing his novels here. I am no fit for reviewing novels :)

When you read his romance; you will in all probability find a story with a depth of feeling and tenderness. Its difficult to find a male author writing sentimental romance. Anyway, getting back to romance in novels - its a perfect recipe for disaster :) Yup! You know the description of a fairy tale perfect romance - which is too good to be true and yet all we women out there seek. 

Image at http://www.123rf.com/

The boy and the girl always seem to be head over heels in love with each other. Few things that cant be so right in real life

The boy has a perfect bod - a la Hritik Roshan :) The girl has the softest curls you can ever find, the nicest, blemish free skin complexion and that perfect bikini body. Oh! lets not forget that manly voice of his and the "give the Cuckoo a run for money" voice of the girl.

The girl loves pets; the boy shares the same passion. He likes biking; she too! She loves ice cream; he does too....Errrr.......

Things automatically falls into place; without any hard work. Incompatibility doesnt exist; if so the partner quickly changes to suit the other.

PERFECT - The ambiance, the setting, the words, the mood, the conversation, the likeness, the chemistry - not once but each and every time!

NORMAL is HOT . A normal walk on the beach with her cutey dog can take his breath away or a him relaxing with a bottle of beer can take her breath away. Ahem..Ahem...

A surprise vacation to an exotic location is so unconditional love. Did I hear candle light dinner at Tierra del fuego? :-P

Even absurd things makes sense. No matter what; just follow your heart - things would work. Really?? Logic and practicality is a crime :)

Love can reform anyone - even a Godzilla to a TDH man. Murderers, addicts, alcoholics anyone could be reformed and its a simple job; doesnt take as much time as it takes to snap your fingers.

Love making is an act of passion - ultimate surrender. Condom - whats that?

And above all - They live happily ever after and thereafter :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

What is it?

The day before yesterday, I had to stay back at office until about 7 PM. Now thats very late for me. I leave office by 5 PM, to beat the traffic and have a relatively comfortable commute. My organization allows flexible work timings; which means they dont have a fixed time or attendance; so leaving by 5 works for me. I anyway get back home and login from home and oversee office stuffs - conference calls to attend with folks across the globe or continuing to finish my assignments.

Yeah, so getting back to my late exit from office. It was raining and as usual; the auto drivers were throwing tantrums - demanding double fares. I was at their mercy; desperately trying to hire an auto when one just screeched right in front of me. I mentioned my destination when I saw a passenger already. But the driver agreed to my destination and quoted double. I rejected and firmly said "The meter charge would be so much". He instantly said "Alright, 20 Rs more on that".

It was much better than either waiting indefinitely for an auto or to be hiring an auto which demands double, anyway this guy should be taking a detour to drop me. But I was not sure; he already had another passenger; I dont want to be shown the other parts of Bangalore before being dropped and yet pay the desired amount. I wanted to ask if that passenger was willing to share the fare with me, but I am not comfortable with such arrangements ever so I kept quiet. I asked which route he will be taking and he said he would take whatever route I directed him. So that was fine, I hopped in; the passenger was a girl. Him and her seemed to be familiar with each other and they chattered non stop.

Hardly 1 km; he halted and I heard him ask that girl "What do you want to eat?" He asked me if I would like to eat/drink something. I asked if it will take time? All I want to do was get home and relax. He said it would take just a couple of minutes. I was about to alight when the girl said that they just want to drink some water to break their fast - they were excited to be having Ifthiar while commuting :)

Yup, they were Muslims; later I learnt he was her brother-in-law. But what struck me was their hospitality. He brought me a glass of thick mango milkshake. I dismissed him saying that I just had my tea. Didnt want that poor fellow to spend for me. But what he said next completely bowled me over. In broken English he said "Happy madam, Ramzan....Happy..Ramzan".

There is this total stranger whom minutes ago; dismissed rudely saying I wont be giving a penny beyond the meter charge. He totally forgot about my behavior then and was offering me juice to celebrate the spirit of sharing, joy and brotherhood of Ramzan. Thats the true spirit isnt it? He was not as educated as me; but his behavior floored me down. The next moment I was ashamed of my rude behavior with him.

I started interacting with the girl; wanted to seize every chance to justify my rude behavior and shoo away my guilt. She seemed to agree on the attitude of the auto drivers. She talked about her education, job,  asked me for suggestions as to how to go about her career. But the guilt would not leave me

As I parted; I gave him extra money than what I promised; the proud and foolish me who tried to compensate his act of benevolence by money and thereby trying to wipe my dirty hands off the guilt. I did not honestly want him to lost that 20 or 30 odd Rs he spent for my juice. He tried to give back that extra money saying that I was paying him more than what I quoted. He won again - I would have forgotten the episode had he silently pocketed that extra money and gone his way.

No amount of money can compensate such deeds. What to call this act? Humanity? His selfishness - to share during Ramzan as his Allah said? Or was that how he was? I am clueless. But henceforth, I will remember him forever and his actions throughout my lifetime.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

300 and counting....

Its once again time to say THANK YOU ALL. Thanking will never be enough; so I seize every opportunity that comes across.

This blog - is a window to express my views, has helped me understand myself much better; to introspect and to appreciate. It has given me great friends - beautiful souls from whom I learn a great deal; making me a better human being each day. Great friends; though virtual are keepsakes. What I learn from you all is invaluable; what I gain is an ever growing treasure. 

Most dont visit this space anymore; very few have been with me in this journey since I started;  many hop off at a faster rate they hopped on. A handful have become good friends - friends for life. Their absence disturbs me; their sabbatical from writing; even though temporary makes me uncomfortable as if a part of me is missing. I check on them to make sure things are fine with them.

I often wonder; what happens to my blog if I am gone. Who will notify you all? Would people really care? Its after all a virtual space. Those worries are unwarranted. I will be here until I enjoy writing. I am honest. I relate with genuine people; I write what I truly believe. My writings reflect me; it makes me happy and that is one reason good enough.

I dont know if there would be a day when I wont like to write anymore. If it happens, that would be the day I will call it quits. Earlier, number of comments, number of followers, awards, blog ranks - all these mattered so much. Now I laugh at it. I have outlived them all.

Yes, I have mentioned this earlier; mentioning it again. When I started; just to beat the boredom; I did not have an idea that I would continue to write; I didnt know I would survive years and mark centuries. This is my 300th. Looking back, I have not fallen prey to concepts like Wordless Wednesdays and Musical Mondays which have zilch in content. I write whenever I want to; on whatever I wish to. No pressures; no expectations.

I have surprised myself most times when I have leapt beyond horizon - recent times; my posts are bolder and I am not scared anymore - to reveal my identity or to worry about my peers reading the posts.

Anyway, thank you each and everyone for the constant support, encouragement, guidance and love. Thank you for taking your precious time off to read my posts and leave your comments. Your presence gives me the boost much needed.