Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Neons and Lavishness - Las Vegas

This is my attempt to "beautify" my blog; after frenzied activities that happened here few days back. I thought the best way would be to share some nice pictures that I clicked on my trip to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is also called Sin City. They say "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".
That's so true, you will start indulging the way you could never imagine. Doing all those wild things ;-)

Las Vegas during the day; is just a dry place; a desert. No activities at all; may be people sleep so that they can prowl at night!! Its only at night when all the actions start. Booze flows free in casinos for On the Table players. There are never ending rows and rows of slot machines and roulette . Filthy rich men with their "Lady Luck" play on and on while the pencil thin lady in 6 inch stiletto has to stand beside them wearing a smile all night

Each casinos are as big as villages. Its Neon and Neon everywhere. Their electricity consumption would be obnoxiously outrageous. Here are very few of the pictures.

Looks as if the city has been abandoned long time ago. This is what it is during the day. As seen from Wynn's parking area

Ceaser's Palace casino. This one has all Roman theme

One of the decorative ceilings in Ceaser's Palace

Even the elevators have Roman motifs

Another decorative ceiling

A statue of a Roman soldier

Guess this is Ceaser

Main arena inside The Venetian casino. This one is designed as Venice complete with canals and gondolas.
The sky is artificial; forever evening :-) Its said that no casinos have clocks in Vegas. But we captured a clock; maybe its dummy.

The main canal

Another view of the main arena

Someone filthy rich are getting married

The Luxor casino - has Egyptian theme and motifs. The pyramid structure was an architectural challenge.

Inside The Luxor.

I had to lie down on my back to get this view. The pyramid's slants are visible; the suites are all constructed in a way such that the lower one supports the upper floors.

Stratosphere - The tallest structure and casino in Vegas.

Another angle

Las Vegas as seen from the top of The Stratosphere

A roulette

Rows and rows of slot machines

View of the Flamingo

Look at the prize money. Out of innumerable casinos; and thousands of people gambling; no one ever gets to win these prize amount


  1. anyayam..akramam..ithelam over..nice pics..nsoied??kasu yethavathu jeyichiya?? my frnd lost her sem fees in vegas..and it stayed in vegas..and ceaser palace..the hangover the best vegas fun

  2. Hi Insignia!

    The first thoughts I got on seeing a few pics of illuminated casinos was how would I keep myself from SPENDING at some such place!

    For someone like me, who's only experimented with alcohol, and is not attracted to it, and who wouldn't spend money on any sort of gambling, I think I would be really tested on all the counts! :)

    And, LOL @ "Guess this is Caesar"! Caesar would turn in his grave, if it is Caesar, that is! :P

    @ "Artificial sky": :-O !!!!

    And why, roaming amidst people exactly like you would you choose to call them 'filthy rich'? ;)

    You lied on your back to snap a pic! You must be really passionate about photography. That's great!

    Did you try your hand at gambling?

    I don't enjoy playing cards much! My friends would drag me to play cards, but I forget the rules of all the games I learn the next day itself! I guess, my tiny brainlet can't handle that much info. :(

    Anyway, you might find Sowmya's blog called 'Narcissist' interesting who also maintains a kind of travelogue, and gives a very vivid description of her visits.

    You'll find the link here:

    My favorite blogs (click)

    Very interesting post! I usually find descriptions of some tourist places uninteresting. But if I enjoyed your current post, either Las Vegas must be truly interesting, or you've a knack of making interesting observations, and putting up them in ways that interest me!

    Thanks for the informative post!


  3. I am sure you know that even all the Americans haven't got the opportunity to visit Vegas.. Not all get this chance..

    You must have had lots of fun and the amazing pictures clearly depicts it..!


  4. soin,

    Hahahaha...anyayam and akramam dhan. Its a wild place :-P
    thank you, these are very very few of the large collection.

    I did have fun :-) complete with a nice Cirque Du Soleil show.

    Know what? I just played for 10$. Was smart enough not to get addicted. Anyways you know you are not that god chosen lucky one :-D

  5. Hi Ketan,

    I bet!!! All these neons and the free booze and skimpily clad drink supplier ladies are all enough to drag you to shell out and lose money :-)

    I didnt lose any money; took in all those amazing architecture and only spent my time realizing in awe at the magnanimity and the flawless plan that goes into maintenance, guest services and all :-) I feel you could do the same too :-D

    Hahahaha, wish Ceaser would turn in his grave. That will wake up Brutus and Anthony too.

    Artificial sky - yeah because they want the visitors to loose sense of day/night. They want them to feel that its evening; romantic and pleasurable so that they can keep gambling!!

    Roaming among people like me yeah. But I got to see few very very rich men gambling on the table. The exchanges are in ten thousands of dollars at a time; and they dont mind losing millions in a night. They are not like me; I am very poor :-)

    I had to lie on my back because of the sheer height and also wanted to capture the central column along with one side wall of the pyramid till the tip. I am passionate about photography; but I am an average photographer

    I gambled; lost very very less. :-) Thanks for the link. I will surely check. I wanted to throw in more information; but thought it will be an overdose. But if you want some more interesting info; here's one

    A building having about 40-50 floors; having a floor area as large as any skyscraper serves as parking area for EMPLOYEES only of the Wynn Casino. Can you guess the number of employees? more than 20,000 :-)

  6. Hi Abhi,

    Hope you are having a good break :-)
    Hehehehe, I am a travel freak. Traveled and explored lot of places whenever I got the chance.

    It was yeah fun; you end of thinking of doing some things that you wont even fantasize otherwise. :-)

    As you said, let me put the pictures on Flickr or Picassa and share it with you. Have loads of them

  7. waiting for a travelogue from insignia :) and o yes it should have her autograph :)

  8. Aha!..u lucky girl..u do get around with your sony isn't it? loved the snaps ...waiting for the snap of the pencil thin lady in 6 inch stiletto ;) sigh!

  9. caeser's palace is a cool place. I believe there's a laser show of sorts at night?

  10. hey Insignia, that's a wonderful post...loved the clicks; and the captions :) the post is indeed beautiful :))

  11. Beautiful pictures and nice post. Been to Las Vegas many times and each time is a new experience. One has to be there to enjoy. I am glad you had the opportunity to visit there.

    Talking about filthy rich, I am reminded of a joke here. An Arab sheikh gambled the whole night and lost quite a few million dollars. A reporter asked him if he is not worried about losing those millions of dollars in a single night. He replied: Read the evening newspapers and check the oil price.

    I am glad your blog is back to normal.

  12. It's all about money, honey. And did you meet those suave men with gelled hair and impeccable dressing who just allow you to win for a while and then ....

  13. At least they make you part the money in grand settings.

  14. Hi Gayathri,

    Haven't traveled that much for a travelogue yet. Hope your wish comes true :-P

  15. Hi Rohit,

    Geeeeez. ...yeah :-) Oopsie!! I did not take a snap of that lady. You know they value their privacy a lot :-)

  16. Hi Kish,

    All casinos was cool to me :-) The laser show is the Fremont Street one. Awesome I must say!!

  17. Hi Neha,

    Glad you liked it. Thank you. :-)

  18. Hi Crazy Four,

    Welcome to B Log. :-) Of course they have an amazing strategy to make one part with their money!!

  19. Holy Lama,

    Hehehehe. You bet!!! They are everywhere with their impeccable courtesy and then.......and then....phew!!!
    But I was smart :-D

  20. Hi SG,

    Thank you. Yeah, hopefully its back to normal. Oh I have read that joke earlier. Thats indeed witty!!

  21. beautiful pictures,I also took many,but none came out as good as yours>..I loved newyork's shopping mall and Bellagio(cant rememebr the name exactly:)..those fountains..the glitter of the city is awesome.

  22. Hi Antarman,

    Thank you. Yeah the casinos you are talking about are New York New York - but New Yorkers dont like it!!!

    Bellagio - thats where the musical fountain show happens every hour. Its a delight to watch; the waters reach the road...Bellagio also has the world's largest chocolate fountain

  23. hii sis

    thanks for the mind blowing pics... I'll someday visit vegas too!

  24. Damn good snaps! Lucky you! :-)
    Should admit you are a wonderful photographer. :-)
    By the way, did you gamble? If yes, then how much did you lose? he he heee... :P
    Sorry. How much did you win? :-)

  25. Thanks a ton Karthik...:-) Am I a wonderful photographer? Wow, thats a compliment. encouraging. :-)

    Lucky me yeah!! I did gamble. Lost about 10$, won a cent..:-D

  26. Meandered in from Neha's , first time here.

    Nice pictures of Vegas. Been a while since we went there. It's definitely an experience. Did you happen to go to the Canyon -- an amazing place..?

  27. its great to be here ....I have been to Vegas...yipiee!!


  28. Hi AS,

    Thanks yaar. I sincerely hope you visit Vegas and take in all the fun

  29. Hi Madhu,

    Welcome to B Log :-)
    Yeah Vegas is one of its kind.

    I didnt get to go to GC. It was all because of those idiots(read guy friends). We were 11 of us, me the only girl. All these guys were mesmerized with Vegas and the girls. So ended up extending the stay at Vegas and missed GC :-(

    My next trip is to GC :-D

    Keep visiting!!

  30. Hi Makk,

    Thanks and welcome to B Log.
    You have to been to Vegas? Out of the world experience isn't it? :-)

    Keep coming!!

  31. Wow! Seen Vegas only in the Oceans 11 and 12 movies!!


  32. Hi Surya,

    :-) I wish that you visit Vegas at least once

  33. hey Bindu...apadiyae...nee than antha lady luck mathiriye explain panra....sooper fotos..! king and queen size life pola..! kool! nice pa!


  34. Hi Hary,

    Thank you pa. :-)
    It is king and queen size life of course if you have the money to splurge!!!

  35. Wow!! Pics indeed look grand

    Vegas is the most hep cities in thw world, would love to visit someday

  36. Hi Pesto Sauce,

    Welcome to B Log.
    Las Vegas is grand, lavish, luxurious, magnificent, larger than can throw in all the splendid words here

    I hope you get a chance to visit it :-)

  37. i have seen you post comments in all blog and they are not just comments they just reflect your insightful thought which made me to follow your blog !!!


  38. Hi Priyan,

    Thank you. Its my honest opinion that I share; and dont believe in commenting just for the sake of it or to imprint my presence there. :-)

    I am surprised you have been observant. Thanks again and welcome to B Log :-)

  39. lol@ soin..

    again this is not fair at all.. ippadi veruppu etha koodadhu..
    r u allowed to take pictures??
    i didnt know that.. gethu pics..

    i see that the quote from inglorious bastards to be appropriate here..

    "man is capable of doing anything once he loses his dignity"
    vegas is a place where u lose ur dignity and virginity.. lol..
    too bad u spent only 10$..

  40. Vishnu,

    :-) You will visit Vegas one day too :-)
    We can take pictures; no issues.
    But we should not be taking pictures of people while they are gambling!! :-)

    Yeah Vegas is of course the place where one can lose dignity and virginity. But the truth is no one would notice, the person in question would itself not notice!!!

    Such is the place. Oh yeah, what you thought? I'll keep gambling huh? I had other things to do like going for Cirque Du Soleil and hopping around so many casinos and enjoying the crowd and the atmosphere than sitting at one place and losing money!!!

  41. i have been to Vegas,,,,through your blog and ...

    Casino royale (some one told me its in vegas ...and i have seen the movie..lolzzz)


  42. Hi Makk,

    Hey thanks, thats a compliment. Hope you visit it in person sometimes :-)

    Yeah you are right! Casino Royale Casino and Hotel is in Las Vegas

  43. What should I say about this post? Loved it? No.. hated it? No.. I am J.. nice pics

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. These casinos look amazing, even though I have never been to a Vegas Casino but after reading your article I am really wishing to go there. Nice written, thanks for sharing.

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