Saturday, July 24, 2010

To You All

  • A leap year of the Julian calendar beginning on Tuesday.
  • Beginning of Mayan Civilization around this year
  • If you are a computer geek, you know this is the HTTP Status code on success :-)
  • This is the common ISO-standard film speed for photographic films
  • Around this time, the Paracas culture in the Andes ended.
  • The number of globular cluster in our galaxy The Milky Way
  • The number of calories 496 ml of Coco Cola holds.
  • Around when Brahminism evolved into Hinduism.
  • Is the smallest base 10 unprimeable number
  • Level of cholesterol desirable or acceptable
  • Pangaea started to break into Laurasia and Gondwanaland about these many million years ago.
  • Beginning of Jurassic period these many million years ago.
  • Number of runs scored by Sachin; the first ever highest score in an ODI.
  • Is also an Harshad number.
 Well, what is common in all these points is the cardinal number

Now why am I obsessed with 200? Because this is my 200th post. So thought what better way than sharing with you folks some important facts associated with the number 200.

There is no feeling of elation or achievement in me. I am quite surprised if the count is really 200. When I started blogging, I never ever thought I could write such lot! What started as a way to beat the stress out of me has now become a part of me.

In the process, I have come across excellent blogs and wonderful bloggers. Retrospecting about my blog and me as a blogger, there are rooms for improvement; especially in my PR skills and networking ability. I know very very few people in real world itself; so less that I can count on my fingers. For a person as me, having these many readers and blogger friends in virtual world amazes me and makes me wonder if it is really me!

No wonder I am still nowhere in terms of reaching out to people even after being in the blog world for a pretty decent time :-D But that is me, hidden in my cocoon and yet all you wonderful people have found me. Now it seems that having a pen name INSIGNIA does not make sense anymore, now that most of you know my real name :-)

I remember a couple of folks asking me why have I named myself after a cigarette - Insignia? :-P

The fewer friends who read me are the best ones I bet! You readers have been so wonderful and encouraging, I cherish you all. Its a great thing to take one's precious time off and read my post, and even more considerate of you all to leave your views and suggestions and appreciations. It encourages me a lot. I have been told that I tend to take my readers seriously; after all they are virtual. Yes, I do take my readers or rather their views seriously, as they devout their time and energy to read and comment aftermath.

What better opportunity than now to thank all of you for your support and encouragement. I want to thank Gautam, Neha, Gayathri, SG, Bikram, Makk, Holy Lama, Hary, Guria, lostworld, soin, Ketan, Abhinav, Nu, Karthik, Antarman, Chowla sir, Naidu sir, chitra, Shaunak, Kish, SM, Kavi, et, Chandana, A, RGB, Madhu, Shilpa, Nipun, Pratik, Ajay, Merlin, Rajlakshmi, anilkurup, Wise Donkey Ma'am, Harini, Shesha, Ramesh, A.K, sushobhan, Jaunty Amina, Gymnast, Megha, Novice writer, Destiny's child, Rohit, Scattered Thoughts, AS, Vishnu, scarlet pimpernel and others who have read me. Please pardon me for not linking back. Its tad tedious and I am going lazier day by day!

As a way of demonstrating my thanks to you all, here is an THANK YOU AWARD on my behalf. This is a painting which I made sometime back and I hold it very dear to me. I now want you folks to have it and I dedicate this post to all my readers and blogger friends. Thank you very much :-)


  1. many many congratulations usual a fantastic post to celebrate this have acknowledged everyone here..that's very nice and generous of you..thank you for the award..hope to see you hit 500 in another couple of years and 1000 in another 3-4 years..oops, am I sounding greedy? hell who cares! love your blog so keep writing :)

  2. Hearty Congratulations for reaching a cool landmark! :)
    Reading your versatile expression is a pleasure. :)
    Wishing you loads of success and happiness as you move ahead in this blog journey!
    Cheers :)

  3. Congrats girl! Thats a big big achievement.


  4. oh jee u r also sachin tendulkar of blogosphere. Neha ko bhi yahi title diya tha. Congrats for ur double century and thanks for mentioning my name in the list...i love ur blog, which is a reason why I keep visiting it :)

  5. Hey dear! congrats on ur 2nd century!!:-))Am a female MBA from Karachi, Pakistan. Honestly just browsing through good blogs to find smart writers like you to talk to me on various issues. Nice blog outlook and interesting write-ups. I write on issues related to society, religion as well as some funny stuff. Would u like to know a Muslim, Pakistani blogger? Click on this blog >> The Emotional Lava
    I hope u can be a follower- if u like my blog? And don’t forget to comment please !!
    Best of Luck for ur blogging.

  6. Oh chakk te fatte kudiya .. as in punjabi we say Paa te Moche .. da te tote.. CHA GAYE TUSIN babiyo...

    Congratulations to you ... and thanks for the award THANK YOU SO MUCH.. you know how crazy i am about awards thank you..

    There have been very less people who have actually impressed me and who have meant something .. and You as a person are one of them .. I am so glad of the day when I came to your blog I dont know how i came over to your blog and since then as they say its history...

    I was reading a article on CELEBS by another great blogger , Neha and Now that article makes sense .. you my dear are one such celeb and YES i am a fan of yours and I would love ot have your autograph... So as and when you can Please do so ...

    thank you for being such a great help and someone who has constantly listened to my rants and my pathetic articles and actually READ them and commented on them

    SO no madam THANKS to you

    and once more congrats and thanks for the award :)

    hi five .. a big jaffi and CHAKKK DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  7. Congrats^200! Such a long stint! I am a toddler here by your standards. You write so well and your blog is a nice digression from my dreary and mundane life.

  8. Congratulations for the double hundred.
    You can go much further,and you write well. keep writing , it will improve your skills as you move on.
    As for PR I guess you are far better .

  9. Congos Shongos...:)
    This calls for a grand party.
    200 is also the minimum 3 digit number multiplied by 2..:P
    I havent even crossed 60.
    Great going...:)
    I just love reading ur blog..



  10. whoa..that is lot of information there...honestly didn't know all of thanks yet again to enlighten :)

    And YAY for 200th Post Inni :) Congratulations :)Keep them coming...

    Oh that award ? that's super..I've already displayed it on both my blogs :)

  11. one evolves while blogging, so many facts around 200! except the sachin one, didn't know the rest:)

    all the best ,blogwise and real worldwise.

    blog friends are great, but do make more friends, not for the sake of numbers, just for the experience of it:)

  12. Dear Insignia,

    Congratulations on your 200th post. All your posts are excellent and informative.

    We wish you all the best of luck and wish you keep on posting many more. Would like to see your 1000th post.

  13. Congrats on your 200th post!

    I've enjoyed reading your posts from the time I chanced upon it. And thanks indeed for the thank you award & the special mention.

    Blog on Insignia!

  14. Like always, it was a pleasure reading your 200th post.My best wishes and I am sure you will do better in coming days.
    Incidentally,my last post published was my 200th post.What a coincidence.

  15. yengal aandavar oda highest score era nooru.and yes the small regular intelligent band of readers better. reason why i deleted the old

  16. congrattttttss dear..proud of u and the friendship..thanks to blogger..keep up the cheers and move on into more centuries of posts..u write well..u share good all's well..:)

  17. Hey! 200! That's awesome! Your blog is like a honey comb dripping with positive energy. Thanks for being one of the reasons that make me happy. Rock on... Zindagi milega na dobaara!!!

  18. YIY! I have my name there..I have missed out on many of ur posts..ill read em all one day..:)

    u write well..u are a hi five to ur blog.

    and yeah to find my name on somebody's blog is like the coolest thing ever..:)

  19. Congrats on your 200th post little princess.
    Hope to see many many posts from
    you. happy to receive your special award.all the best.

  20. Wow.200- no mean achievement that. And Thank You for the Thank You award and mention:)

    Blog full steam ahead.

  21. Neha,

    Thanks much. You are being too greedy gal :-) But its encouraging. Thanks much again

  22. Shilpa,

    Thanks so much. Its my pleasure as well :-)

  23. G3,

    Sachin Tendulkar? Hahahaha. Thanks a lot, need your love and encouragement always :-)

  24. CATGIRL,

    Welcome. Thanks a lot.

  25. Bik,

    Thanks so much. Thats so much appreciation; need time to sink in. Thank you once again. :-)

  26. ajay,

    thank you. You will soon reach 200 as well. :-)
    I am glad that my blog helps you deviate away from your mundane stuff.

  27. anil,

    thank you. I appreciate your encouragement.
    PR - I still have to polish my skills :-)

  28. Nipun,

    Thank you. "200 is also the minimum 3 digit number multiplied by 2"

    Awesome, why not file a patent for this invention? :-P

    Glad and thanks for liking my blog. :-)

  29. Nu,

    :-) Now you know them all. Thank you
    cool to have my award displayed on your blogs. :-)

  30. WD,

    Exactly, its an evolution. True!
    These many facts around 200, yes!! :-)
    Thank you
    Having blog friends is an unique experience and I am loving it.

  31. Naidu sir,

    Thanks so much. I am glad you like what I write.
    Hopefully I shall reach my 1000th, with all your encouragement, I shall.

  32. RGB,

    Thank you.

    I am glad you like what I write. My way of thanking you all by mentioning and by the award

    Thanks for accepting :-)

  33. Chowla sir,

    Thank you so much. I will strive to be better.
    Congrats on your 200th post. Its no simple feat :-)

  34. soin,

    Yeah sometimes thats better! :-)
    As they say small is beautiful

  35. Ramesh,

    Thank you so much. Blogger has brought together nice people as well.
    Thank you, glad :-)

  36. Gautam,

    What an analogy Gautam. thank you.
    Special thanks to you, you have been reading my blog since the day I started :-)

    One of the reasons that make you happy is me? That means a lot.
    Thanks. :-)

  37. Madhu,

    Thanks. take your own time to catch up on older posts.
    I am glad you like my writeup.

    Hugs :-)

  38. chitra,

    Thanks much. You deserve the award, thanks for encouraging.

  39. Holy Lama,

    Thank you very much for the support.


  40. lol @ HTTP Status code :)
    Congrats and thats a lot of blogging :)

  41. Merlin,

    :-) A true computer geek I am! How could I miss the HTTP status code.


    Thanks much. It sure is lot of blogging :-)

  42. Wow. A wonderful expression to celebrate 200 posts.. All thanx to Harry's blog where i found you, and after reading your one post i was encouraged to read more and follow more.. Congrats and keep going.. :)

  43. Interesting info..and I never knew about the cholestrol levels or the http status code or.. I'll stop.

    Mubarak Ho!!!!! 200 posts is WOW :-) I am tempted to bow down deep .. It is such a feat! Keep going strong. I guess I don't have to tell you that ;)

  44. Shesha,

    Thank you. Thanks for your encouragement. :-)

  45. lostworld,

    :-) Glad. Now you know :-D

    Thank you very much. Its due to encouragement from friends as you.


  46. Congratulationzzzz and celebrationzzzz
    interesting facts :D that was really a unique way to celebrate it :D

  47. Rajlakshmi,

    Thanks much. Yeah simple yet unknown facts those were

  48. Congratulations and keep going.:)

    Very interesting facts related to 200 and innovative style in this blog to make your point. Good job. This is one of your best blog.

  49. mite be the last to wish... but a hearty congrats mam! 200 la yu can write this well, boy I can imagine how yu'd write when yu turn 500 :)..

  50. A,

    Thanks much. Wanted to enlighten readers with 200 :-)

  51. Hary,

    Better late than never :-)

    Thanks a lot sir! Aww..lets see. Hope I dont go worse!

  52. okay i know im late.. been very busy the past few days. anyways, congratulations :) and whats that thank u for? thanks to u for giving us such amazing write ups to read :) very refreshin :). but yet, im takin up the award sure. never say no to chocolates or awards ;)

  53. Chandana,

    :-) Its fine, I know you are busy with studies. Thanks. The thank you is for reading me and taking time off not only to read but also leave your views :-)

    For encouragement as well. And yeah, very glad. You are thanking me back? Oh sweets...its encouragement from readers like you that enables me to write nice stuffs :-)

  54. Let me drop a bunch of warm thanks here before it is too cold and rotten! Wishing you awesomeness all the way ahead! Although I wish you posted a little less frequently while I'm busy, nevermind! Keep on sharing your wisdom!!

    And I'm taking the award right away to my blog! I love its simplicity :)

  55. et,

    :-) Never mind. Better late than never.
    I know you were very busy with exams.

    Do I post too often? Errr...what to do? I have so much to share!! I will try to match your expectations. :-)

    I would be honored to have my award put up on your blog.

  56. @insignia congrats n may u have more .ths post was very interesting. 200 has so many diversities,..gud.


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