Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Never judge a book by its cover

At the rickshaw stand this morning, I approached a free rickshaw for hire. He readily agreed to the place I mentioned. This is shocking because they have stopped demanding excess fares and dont expect you to go where they wish to go! courtesy ola and uber presence

Anyway, I noticed that the driver was old and I sighed and thought "This is going to be a slow ride". You know how old people are so careful and maneuver ever so slowly on the road following every non-existing traffic rules as well. 

He started the vehicle and took off like a rocket. The journey was eventful; lot of twists and turns, sudden brakes, dangerous maneuvers, jumping signals, cussing, yelling and what not. 

My bag fell down few times, my hair flying all over and I had to grab the seat tight so that i dont get thrown off; the best roller-coaster ride I could ever have. Reached my office in half the time it would generally take. 

I misjudged this energetic Superman!


  1. Hi,
    Stumbled upon your blog through a series of thread i was exploring.
    Read your this particular post and was very pleased. Very simply written yet a very strong message. Will go through your other posts at leisure.

    1. Hi Amrahs,

      Thank you; Ive reducing blogging to a great extent. Words such as yours encourage me.

  2. Hmm and why hasn't this blog been updated?


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