Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Knock! Knock!

Yeah! I am knocking the door of my own blog space to check if it still recognizes me. Its been 2 long months since I blogged or visited other blogs. It was busy at work; happens at regular times when the product is in design phase. I ended up having evening calls with the US teams everyday for 3-4 hours. Thus, leaving no time to relax and blog. Its tapered a bit now but would remain the same for next few months.

All my promises in being regular about my travel sojourns went into water. So are my little things in life I wanted to jot down. Never mind, its fine to go off track once in a while. Apologies to all my wonderful bloggers whose posts I've not read in a while; I know what precious stuffs I've missed. I will ramp up!

But yeah I've been relatively active on Facebook. FB doesn't need as much time as blog and I check it out on the go! What was happening here was I wrote down a para or two; got interrupted and when I got back; I would've lost the flow. Sometimes, it was the lack of interest as well with so many other things running on my mind and lot of writing to do at work with design docs and such specifications.

However, most of my weekends were eventful. Notably; I met with Gayathri Vishwanathan. She is a sweet girl from Mumbai; who has stopped blogging frequently. She was in Bangalore for 3 months on a technical course and we decided to meet couple of weeks she were to return to Mumbai. Showed her few hidden landmarks of Bangalore; hope she had a good time with me.

My quest for vintage and neglected buildings in Bangalore. This is in the heart of Bangalore Shopping district but I am sure no one would take a second look!

Bang opposite to the previous one.

Then, I met with Dev whom we met in Sri Lanka. He stays in my area but we hardly have time. It was good to meet over a noon and share travel stories - his and mine over few drinks. I also met with a couple of other friends over coffee and lamented how nice the life is! :-P

Been eating good food - Lebanese, Trinidadian, Moroccan, Italian, Mexican, Texan and of course Indian. Not much of an eater but I am thankful to God for making me adventurous in trying new cuisines. And folks, do you know there are good breweries in Bangalore? House brewed specialties and others to indulge in after hectic weekdays. My food indulgence will definitely make you all drool!

Corn and wow! look at the flares!

Yummy Yum!!

Banana split anyone?

Or maybe a mocktail?

I celebrated my birthday last month; this was ordered at work

Attractive ambience huh? This is a steak and sizzler house I've been frequenting for 8 years now. My favorite place

A sizzler I partially devoured at another steak house

House brewed wheat and hop, German Weiss, Irish Red Ale and Irish Dry Stout....In that order

And of course! food during Ramzan. Being a vegetarian, I am not a good authority here but let me tell you that the sight itself is a good appetizer. The food on both the sidewalks on Mosque Road in Bangalore is worth visiting. Its famous and some items are only available during Ramzan like the Harira, Haleem and Pathhar ka ghost. I so want to taste everything there in vegetarian format; but whenever I ask for a vegetarian samosa or kebabs; I get a dirty look! :-/ So I stick to desserts

Steamy hot Semiya Paal (String hoppers and beef)

Rose milk, kulfi, yogurt, custard....

Paththar ka ghost! Apparently its very task oriented and time consuming! The stone is heated for few hours and the meat (beef/chicken) is cooked for another few hours. Only limited quantity is cooked per day due to laborious process and there's queue at all time. Moreover; this is only cooked during Ramzan and in one and only one store at Mosque street

Charcoal searing away

Typical crowd..the roads are full

With no walking or parking space

And the mosque

Oh yeah! there was a Sunday Soul Santhe flea market 2 weeks ago. It happens once in 3 months. The crowd is great; lotta artifacts but expensive. Stalls are put up by people who pursue hobbies and turn it into business like caricature, quilling, terra-cotta jewels etc. Its got famous these days and they had corporates sponsoring them. Prasad Bidappa hosted a fashion show as well. A pint of KF cost 150 bucks. But that was not what shocked me. What shocked me was the crowd! I felt I was two decades behind, folks have changed a lot; kids boozing and smoking around; barely there clothes....Ummm....

Glass painting on household items

Few more of a different kind

Paintings on canvas

Hmm shoes! but I am not sure if I want to wear patterns on my feet

Terracota jewelry

Caricature on beer mugs, rum shot glasses and photo frames

Tea kettles and water mugs colorfully painted

Wall clocks, ash trays on recycled liquor bottles

Famous caricaturist and cartoonist Paul who cartoons on colonial bangalore. I wanted to buy a laptop bag that had Koshys area on one side and Dewar's bar on Bamboo bazar on the other; but didn't.

I watched a couple of English plays; dramatics and theater is picking up in Bangalore. Its good to see crowd attuning music and theater festivals. I also ended up catching a short break and went on a monsoon drive along the Western Ghats and to meet my cousins in Chennai. More about that in my next post.

On my birthday driving to Chennai :-)

Now; I am off to catching up missed posts.


  1. Welcome back Insignia. I am glad you were enjoying even while you are busy at work. Thanks for those photos. Just had breakfast. I am hungry again.

    1. Thanks SG. It was compelling I do have fun during weekends; otherwise would've gone insane with all those work.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention. Love the new look of your B Log.

  3. In short,kind of 'living' life..Loved reading it.And I terrifically missed the recycled teapot there..!

    Belated B'day wishes to you Insi..(And yes, your series on neglected buildings seem WORTH staring..Cheers !)

    1. Haha you can say that Melange. The teapot was very tempting you know. Thanks a lot for the wishes :-)

  4. Welcome back! So many things packed in one post!A nice read:)

    1. Rahul, thanks.

      Yeah a friend mentioned too many photos in one post. How many will look at it. I thought about it as well..But I wanted to update at one shot what all I did in my absence. So its fine :)

  5. A good variety of pictures.
    Those tea kettles are the in thing now a days.

  6. Interesting post at coming back! Such Beautiful set of the colorful pictures and luggage! yours welcome at my blog

  7. Hmm, not bad B, seeing what you have been up to outside blogging. The reveling in the gastronomic treats and the nice pics you have managed

    1. Anil,

      To keep things under control and to remain sane!

  8. Wow, nice to have you. I loved all the photos. You brought me so much of Bangalore that I have never explored.

    1. Thanks Rachna. Yeah Bangalore has so much hidden

  9. :-) Missed reading you as well Meety


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