Thursday, August 11, 2011

So near yet so far

Consider this - you want to do something and try implementing it but have to cancel at the last moment due to unavoidable circumstances.  How will you feel?

Disappointed to the least. And if you have flaunted about it to the world? Maybe frustrated and a wee bit of anger.

What if you persist and try to take that up after some time and yet again you dont succeed? But this time; you were on guard and not let know the world but your excitement couldn't keep you away from letting few people?How would you feel?

Disgust? Anger? Shame?

Disgusted about what? Anger on what? Why ashamed?

Yeah, this is about my potential sojourn to Sri Lanka which didnt happen both the times. :-( Actually twice with me and thrice with Velu.

Last year January; we planned to go to SL and spend a week and celebrate his birthday there. Unfortunately; had to cancel due to Presidential elections that week and my friend warned that it wont be safe to travel then. Even if we did; we would spend time inside hotel room. I had to cancel the flight tickets and thereby lost some money.

I dont like to plan my travel; there were no hotel bookings done and hence it was only on the flight I lost. I like to discover as I travel. So; a pre-planned itinerary for where to stay and how to commute and what to eat is a big NO-NO for me.

Anyway; last year's SL cancellation got compensated by USA-Costa Rica-Dubai-Mauritius.

Again, SL bug bit me last week and the flights were booked. I was extra careful to look for any unfortunate stuff that might pop up. Called up consulate to even check if they had that Visa on Arrival in place yet or have they scrapped it off. Got the map printed and lists of places to visit. The flight was tomorrow morning from Chennai. We were to travel to Chennai tonight. Last night; we were packing clothes and taking out the documents required for travel. I took the passports and God-knows-why I checked Velu's passport details.

The expiry was 4 months away!!! My heart almost stopped. Was I reading it right? I thought it was well next year but just 4 months away! I told this to him; and he just threw himself on the couch. Not again! I was still positive(positivity has embarked me on journeys that one could never dream)

We have our return tickets; we are staying for a week. My passport is still valid and his anyway is 4 months away for expiry. Grumbling and mumbling we were; he is an emotional baby; started hating his passport(poor thing as if it had a mouth and wasnt yelling about its expiry) and started hating SL as well.

Browsed online for passport expiry issues and it seemed few countries allowed up to 3 months but countries like SL, India and others were strict about 6 months. I was putting up a "Its OK...We can go some other time. But dont worry. We can still make it" kinda act. Internally; I was sad and wanted to burst out. I am again denied a chance to learn and explore something new!!

I skipped my meal, could not sleep. Called up the consulate this morning. They said they were strict about the policy. We can still go if we get a visa upfront; but the flight was tomorrow morning. That was not possible. A friend's brother said we could still come but did not want to take a risk. What if immigration in India stops? By the way; why the heck does one have immigration for departure? Ridiculous! If someone wants to get out; let go!!  Why was it happening again? Velu's mom and her siblings belonged to SL. All his cousins were born there. His mom was young when they migrated to India. His aunts keep mentioning about the treatment meted out to them and they were driven away from their home.

Repeated attempts to visit fails for one reason or the other. Is it a mere coincidence or something else? Its fine, now that its canceled; I am telling it to the world. I feel sad for my friend who from Switzerland talked to his brother in Colombo to make things easier for us and Velu's friends who tried to get us transport to travel and for trying their best to get all information needed. But we will sure visit SL someday and break this jinx :)

I did not want this to spoil the experience and learning we are entitled to have. So for now, a different place to explore. Will write about it once I am back ( I am scared now to mention anything at all) 


  1. We are destined to go there together :) And we will go by this year end! Plan plan!

  2. B, remember my own recent trip to Leh? Things like that happen, for reasons within or without your control. Shrug it off. Be Cool. Analyze your reactions and get rid of that sulk! :-)

  3. Remember your posting on "Why?"
    And keep asking "why did it have to be me?"

    You will not get an answer so enjoy asking.
    Have a good time elsewhere now.

  4. Everything happens for good. Best to believe in it right now :))

    Are you going to Goa? My guess :))

    Have a great vacation okay. SL is not a great place as such. I have been there - it is okay. Goa is better.

  5. Hey !!

    Sad to hear. But then, as they say, no one knows what turns awaited you on the road not taken !

    So, for now, throw yourself at the road that you indeed have taken and have a wonderful time ! :)

  6. Next time for sure Insi..I stayed there almost one year..It's pretty okay about the first time you missed it.Such a risky time it was !

  7. everything happens for a reason...

    so no issues.. Good that you saw the expiry date .. just imagine traveling all the way to chennai and then returning to blore ??? :O

  8. Awwwww ..I can understand how it feels.I had avoided going to my moms when my son was very young as he is a bad traveler .Finally when the day arrived to board the flight i received a panic call from my brother had chicken pox ...

    Have a safe and happy travel and my good wishes for the fulfillment of your SL dream :):)

  9. Even two of my friends visited SL this year January , by that time Visa was on arrival . So I also thought will go sometime this yr. But since now Visa is not on arrival , i have to check for the process for it. Don't worry may be you are destined to go there at some other time.

  10. Don't worry, you will make it someday...

  11. No probs Insignia. Things happen for Good. Maybe something better on your road . Explore and enjoy to the max and come back share your findings. :)

  12. Oh!! I know how it feels. Don't worry, you'll get to explore it soon... third time lucky!!??!! :)
    Enjoy your vacations! :)

  13. 3 times!! yeah that's frustrating ... well hope you get to go there soon :)

  14. Oh well, hopefully you will be 4th time unlucky. I am sure you will have loads of fun in the other place that you are going to :).

  15. Trust me, whatever happens, happens for the best.
    Accept it.

  16. Insignia - now srilanka is an alien land to you and your efforts to befriend it, not fruitful..i feel it gonna add charm to your to do list, as srilanka will never be of it and you folks will be around, enjoying the Sinhalese and tamilian air soon..:)

  17. Happened with me as well.. Planned a tour, didnt get the train reservations, i was a 14 yr old then. and before going anywhere had a habbit of blowing a trumpet! So when we came back from the railway station, i felt ashamed.. But thankfully got a for ticket for a day after!
    Good post.. there is always a next time and new sun after every night..;)

  18. Don't worry. What ever happens is for our good only. Enjoy in a different new place this time and you will definetely visit SL very soon. Best of luck.

  19. maybe you'll have fun later when it actually happens. plan a different destination.

  20. Neha,

    :-) Insha Allah


    Yup :) I did just that


    :-) Yes. Thanks Anil


    Not to Goa :)


    Thanks Kavi. I am back from vacation and yes I had fun


    Yes, thats why canceled it. I am sure I will make it some other time


    Yes, Oh yeah! dont know why I did that. I normally dont check :P


    Thanks Kavita, I am back with a bang!


    Visa is still on arrival; until August. Dont know when they will change. But its fine.
    Thank you, yeah I know I will be there sometime in future.


    thanks chitra :)


    Haha yes it was good. I had fun


    :-) Hopefully


    :-) Thanks.


    Yes had loads of fun. Thanks Rachna

    Chowla sir,

    I have always believed that sir :)


    Yes, it has aroused my interest further. I am more inclined towards the cultural triangle. I might make a trip someday for sure


    Oh yeah! it happens. But not in our control.

    Naidu sir,

    Thank you sir :)

    Holy Lama,

    Yeah! Thank you.

  21. Was looking forward to your USA visit so much, and now when I realise that we're going to be meeting only for 1 day, I feel so sad. :-(

    "But please, say that you will sing at least one song for us?" :-D


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