Saturday, August 20, 2011

So long

I am back! (Arnold Schwarzenegger style) :-P

Catching up on tons of official emails makes one sick and tired. Too much information to grasp, responses to be sent accordingly; meetings to attend leaves no time for blogs and Facebook and chit-chats. Nah! I dont love my Facebook as much as others do; but it sort of gives you a glimpse of others' state.

For instance; a friend of mine suddenly seems to have grown a sense of responsibility towards India's economy. There are others who share videos and photos and the witty one-liners. I hate it when my so called friends prefer to leave a message on Facebook than calling me. My friends list would show me in poor light - mere 89. Now thats a very tiny number huh for others have 500+ as their friends.

It was my birthday this week. Thank you all for the belated wishes now :-D I prefer to hide it; dont let anybody know. My theory is simple; people would remember if they want to; else no sweat! A junior boy at work asked me why I had not published my birthday on Facebook. I just shrugged and said "I dont like to let the whole world know. People who remember it will wish me and that was enough. Maybe I was a sadist".

To which he said "No, you are not. That is your way of filtering people. Your inner circles would definitely remember. You are different". I dont know; maybe. Every year brings in new surprise; someone unexpected would all of a sudden remember the day and wish me. 3 years ago; one came down to Bangalore to spend time with me on my birthday. Thats that; he doesnt recall my birthday anymore :-) Thats how it is.

Yeah; it does not matter. A very dear friend whom I secretly wished to remember my birthday; forgot about it. It hurt me, I was not angry but just sad. Thats when I realized; if something is not remembered; its just not worth remembering. Aww philosophy? I have been observing that I get philosophical on weekends. Anyway; learning to accept works magic you know. The sooner you accept; the better it is. But yeah; the pace is slower than you would want to; the more you push something; the more it sticks on you. Before you even realize; you are obsessed with it. But then one fine day; even before you realize; you would have let go of it. How? When? No idea!

I am alone at home; lot of time to spend and I start thinking. Not that I dont think other days. But weekends - the calmness, the me-time gives a perfect ambiance for my thoughts to brood. I am feeling guilty for not being regular at my fitness regime. I will work towards it hereafter.

I am also feeling guilty for not being able to spend time on one of my responsibilities at work. I spoke about it with my manager and he said he wants me to concentrate on what I am doing right now; the other job can take a back seat. He mentioned that what I was doing now added more value to the team and the organization and I get showered with appreciations every chance available. It feels awkward to be getting only praises and no blames/complaints. :-| No, I am not flaunting; I am genuinely feeling awkward.

Yes, yes, I am coming to it. My vacation was great. I proved once again that I can decide on major things just at the snap of my finger but little things take a long long time. Let me keep you all in suspense. I shall soon be writing about it. A long travelogue :)


  1. Welcome back! Sorry, I forgot to wish you on your birthday! I feel so bad as I must have asked you 10 times and forgot about it on the day itself!

    Feeling shy/awkward when someone appreciates happens with me too. but I am used to it now. ah so many compliments i get you see :P but best is to continue working and ignore appreciation and bashing.

    Looking forward to the travelogue :)

  2. Belated Birthday wishes!

    You are absolutely right B.Is ok to wish the next weekend or next month , but that must happen within oneself. No reminders, No FB updates etc.This looks like a mere formality.

    Hope you had a great day!

  3. Welcome back..
    Regarding people remembering or not .. well its a two way process, if someone remembers mine do i reciprocate in the same way as i would if my best friend remembers mine...

    I think we as humans sometimes dont do justice to the ones who care for us and the ones who dont bother :)

    You take care and Smile .. and you had a great vacation when do we hear the gossip.. :)

  4. Belated Birthday Wishes.Well about birthdays hmmm , my husband never remembers mine and we are friends for the last 25 years lol.I find sincere appreciation encouraging but flattery makes me uncomfortable.
    Waiting eagerly for your travelogue :)Have a wonderful weekend :)

  5. Welcome back.

    You are on a better strike rate than me on facebook. And B you know recently I became friends with the woman with whom I was living now for twenty three years. Thanks to facebook. amazing isn't it?

    The thing about birthdays and anniversaries is that one remembers about it a day before but on the day its forgotten. And yes some people feel a bit let down when not patted on their 'days'.

    May be your manager has his way of flattering you for more output?

    Looking forward to your travelogue.

  6. Happy B'Day Insi..Belated or not,b'day is b'day no ? I have this habit of confining b'days to myself.As the time passes,I feel it awkward where as there was a time I used to get 50 + cards..good old days,I think the time we love to enjoy,just do that.If you don't need,that is okay too.(btw,I never forget my friend's b'days.They all kid with me calling 'calendar'..)

    In Fact I was rushing from reader to your space to read the travelogue..You too.

    Do take care and enjoy even the 'imperfections'..Good night.

  7. You really should not think too deeply about people forgetting things! I for one forget even the most obvious details sometimes. I wish my memory worked in a more efficient way :-/

    But it doesn't matter because it seems like you have a wonderful capability of accepting facts as is!
    Happy Sunday :)

  8. Back? But were you away?

    Always in our thoughts...

  9. Welcome & and we look forward to those pictures.......

  10. Welcome, Belated b'day wishes and eager to know about your travel tales:)

  11. Compliments can sometimes make one feel uncomfortable. And yes, people move on in life. Though I feel bad when close friends forget my birthday but I am also learning to look at it philosophically these days :). Good to have you back!

  12. Belated happy Birthday Wishes

  13. Neha,

    :-) Happens. Thank you, I felt something different this time.
    No more worried about the special day. Signs of growing old eh?


    Thank you.


    :-) Yup! thats why we are humans :P


    Thank you. Ha you are so generous to let your husband get away :D


    Thank you. Haha I always wonder FB is the only place where your friends with everyone - be it your doctor; enemy, kids, wife....

    Oh! about my comments (He has been asking my blog address...I dont want him to read anything between lines)


    Thank you :) Haha yeah I can relate to you. I end up remembering every birthdays

    Sure, travelogue soon :)


    :) sure. I wont :-D


    Haa so sweet. :)


    Yes lots of them :)


    Yes ma'am soon :) Thank you


    Yes. :-) Thank you


    Thanks a lot

  14. Happy Birthday in Advance (for the next year)...

    Welcome Back!


  15. if something is not remembered; its just not worth remembering.

    Now that says something!



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