Tuesday, August 2, 2011

300 and counting....

Its once again time to say THANK YOU ALL. Thanking will never be enough; so I seize every opportunity that comes across.

This blog - is a window to express my views, has helped me understand myself much better; to introspect and to appreciate. It has given me great friends - beautiful souls from whom I learn a great deal; making me a better human being each day. Great friends; though virtual are keepsakes. What I learn from you all is invaluable; what I gain is an ever growing treasure. 

Most dont visit this space anymore; very few have been with me in this journey since I started;  many hop off at a faster rate they hopped on. A handful have become good friends - friends for life. Their absence disturbs me; their sabbatical from writing; even though temporary makes me uncomfortable as if a part of me is missing. I check on them to make sure things are fine with them.

I often wonder; what happens to my blog if I am gone. Who will notify you all? Would people really care? Its after all a virtual space. Those worries are unwarranted. I will be here until I enjoy writing. I am honest. I relate with genuine people; I write what I truly believe. My writings reflect me; it makes me happy and that is one reason good enough.

I dont know if there would be a day when I wont like to write anymore. If it happens, that would be the day I will call it quits. Earlier, number of comments, number of followers, awards, blog ranks - all these mattered so much. Now I laugh at it. I have outlived them all.

Yes, I have mentioned this earlier; mentioning it again. When I started; just to beat the boredom; I did not have an idea that I would continue to write; I didnt know I would survive years and mark centuries. This is my 300th. Looking back, I have not fallen prey to concepts like Wordless Wednesdays and Musical Mondays which have zilch in content. I write whenever I want to; on whatever I wish to. No pressures; no expectations.

I have surprised myself most times when I have leapt beyond horizon - recent times; my posts are bolder and I am not scared anymore - to reveal my identity or to worry about my peers reading the posts.

Anyway, thank you each and everyone for the constant support, encouragement, guidance and love. Thank you for taking your precious time off to read my posts and leave your comments. Your presence gives me the boost much needed.


  1. This is your 300th post. Super awesome. Let me be the first one to congratulate you on this occasion. I am eagerly waiting to read and comment on your next 3000 posts.

    As you are well aware, from your early days of blogging, I am also your numero uno fan.

    Now and then I have critiqued a few of your posts. The best part is you never took them personally. All we had was intellectual discussion afterwards.

    Once again, congratulations Insignia.

  2. beautiful post Bindhu.I love the way you write, the way you respond and your photography. I also like to write and post at my own pace with out any pressure. My new venture keeps me own my toes but I make sure I visit blogs of my friends, may be a miss here and there:).
    Congrats keep posting..

  3. Congratulation on 300th post. It takes discipline to use the free time constructively and you have it. Also one needs skill to keep writing and you have it.

    Keep smiling and moving forward great friend :))

  4. Congratulations on the 300th. It's strange how much I can relate to what you said in there, so much of the things that have tickled my brain cells too... :)
    Isn't it wonderful how inspite of all the trappings of the world, blogging remains an unblemished passion and love of our lives?

  5. Many many congratulations for the 300th post..You are one of those few bloggers about whom I cannot say that your blog is a mix bag of posts - some times good, some times average; as your posts have always been amazing..And I am sure all your readers - new or old will agree with me when I say this..

    It is always wonderful to travel with you around globe through your posts and see the world through your pictures..above all, it is the bond that you share with all your readers is commendable..your personality reflects in your reply to people..people don't even have to know you or talk to you to connect with you..wish I could do that!

    Once again, many many congratulations..It must have been a lucky day for me when I interpreted your reply to me in a wicked manner because of which we are friends today..keep blogging :)

  6. Congratulations !! Keep them coming !

  7. Congratulations! :)

    I can be a little irregular reading your posts but I read them whenever possible. Love reading your posts. Keep writing! ;)

  8. Congratulations B:)Admire your honesty and love the variety of subjects and standout content that you offer in your posts.The reason so many of us enjoy reading you is that you enjoy writing it.Your writings have that special something that drives readers to come back.Love you :):)

  9. Wasn't it the other day when you had reached 200?

    Every single post in your blog has been worth more than the time I spent reading it. Its been great being your virtual friend, B! See ya around.

  10. super post..v will all stay with u as long as u r not bored with us... and buddy, keep rocking..u r a gr8 friend:)

  11. Congratulations lady !!You are among the very first bloggers whom i have read and got inspired to start with my own blog . So you will always be my special blogger.

  12. Congratulation on 300th post.

  13. Congratz B,

    Some times I keep refreshing the page so many times just to check if there is any new post from you.

    keep writing!

  14. "I often wonder; what happens to my blog if I am gone. Who will notify you all? Would people really care? Its after all a virtual space".

    Why bother, when one is gone ,I mean people like you , your are only gone in virtual sense.

    Honestly one of those very few women I have known who is truthful and speaks from the heart, that is you.It has been a fascination to read you and be awed with your fan club. The second is always incidental and complimentary, but it is your thoughts and the subjects that you dwell upon that are wide spread like a huge buffet with infinite spreads- a gourmet's dream.

    I look forward to a day yet, where I can tell strongly that I disagree with your thought.
    B, it has been wonderful.


  15. Congrats Insignia to you on completion of wondeful 300 postings.

    We wish you all the best of luck and wishing to see your 1000th blog posting very soon. I know that you are very much capable of achieving this very easily.

    All your postings, photographs and your narrations are excellent.

  16. Congrats!!! 300th post.. Though I've started following you recently I see the kind of variety in topics you post. I admire your writing and planning to read all of it (including the pending posts from your post 1).

    Keep rocking!

  17. I am not sure if i can say i know you, but for how so ever much i know you its been a pleasure always even with the arguments and fights we have had over the short time I have known you ..

    So I should be the one saying THANK you to you for being who you are...
    Wednesday posts and musical mondays well I am not as good a write as you so do take them up every now and then ..

    Congrats on the 300th post . and heres wishing plenty plentyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more from you.
    and why would you say that if you are gone, gone where .. sorry you aint getting rid of Me so easily.. :)

    You take care and be as you are always lots of love and hugs and best wishes your way.. keep smiling

  18. SG,

    Thanks a lot SG. You have been reading me from my early days.

    I dont take any comments personally unless directed hinted at me. We all are entitled to our views and I respect that. Thanks so much


    Thank you


    Thank you ma'am. I am glad that you find my posts interesting; whatever I write is close to my heart and it makes me happy. Thanks for your encouragement.


    Thank you, I am fortunate. :-)


    Thank you. Yeah we are all early birds in this space and we had that enthusiasm for networking, followers and all that. Highs and lows - in spite of all, what keeps us going is that passion as you said. Thanks again :)


    That was sweet. Thank you. Around the globe you said? No ma'am. I have lot of travel to do :P

    Hahaha my response. You know it better - how it backfires

    Ha i recall that email :P I am glad to have known you.


    Thanks a lot :)


    Thanks a lot for your nice words :)


    Thanks so much kavita. Its such encouragement and support from folks like you that keeps me going. Love you :)


    Thanks, sure I will :)


    Oh! Balan that was last year. Maybe you are talking about me finishing 3 years of blogging in March :D

    I am so very glad to have come across wonderful people like you. Its more rewarding when you like my posts and relate to it. Thank you so much :)


    :) Thank you, see ya around


    Oh! Oh! I am honored that my blog inspired you :) Thank you


    thank you


    :-) Here is a clue - I post at least once every 4 days. Thank you for your encouragement Ramya

  19. Ah, those early days of blogging when number of comments, followers mattered. I still remember it all.

    Anyway, congrats on 300th post! Even I keep myself away from wordless wednesdays.

  20. patience. you seem to have a lot of it.free

  21. anil,

    Yeah why bother at all.

    I am touched by your comment Anil. I often wonder why cant people be honest when its so easy . It makes everyone's life simple isnt it?

    It is easy to attract people but tough to sustain their presence. I value each and every person who reads my blog and the constant encouragement and guidance helps me throughout.

    I am fortunate enough to be liked by all. My views and thoughts that I pen are honest, I believe in them and share it across. Its nice when most of them agree to it and then you know - there are wonderful people around and that I am not alone.

    Ha, why such a wish Anil? Yeah, it would be nicer to agree to disagree. Lets see if such a day comes. Thanks much

    Naidu sir,

    Thank you sir for your encouragement


    Ha thanks so much Ashwini :)


    You are generous. You do know me fairly well. Thank you for tolerating my posts.
    Oh I didnt point at you or anyone about MM and WW; just wrote what I felt. Please dont take it offensive. Thank you.


    :-) Yes, thanks a lot


    Oh boy! long time no see. Enna aachu? Adukulla corporate life sucked you in?

    Thanks, I am actually the most impatient person one could ever come across :)

  22. I did not take it offensive or anythinng just giving my view thats all why I do that since you do take the effort and time to visit me... Madam ji..
    Samajhe jiiiii :-)

  23. My best wishes.
    The fact that you have achieved a figure of 300, it is partially because of encouragement depending upon the number and kind of comments.But, I also think, blog post comes straight from the heart,which I think is like poetry. Those who like it, they read it again and again.
    Keep writing

  24. First of all congratulations.I've been following your blog since just a little while but I do like your writing straight from the heart and genuine. Then a few things that I could relate to -- I also feel antsy when certain bloggers I enjoy reading take a hiatus and sometimes I even drop them a mail :). I also do not indulge in anything wordless and frankly many times I don't know what to comment on such posts! I have also outlived all the stats business, awards et al and now write purely for my happiness and genuine interaction. The only place when I hold back is in writing about relatives or friends who are reading my blog, wouldn't want to hurt them though I itch sometimes to write about them :).

    Overall, keep it up girl!

  25. Congrats on your 300th post... and keep writing... :-)

  26. B, no flattery, but your Blog is one of the few that gives food for thought.

    And as for wanting to disagree with you yes I would like to.Agreeing to disagree is already in some of us. so that will be interesting too.

  27. Bik,

    :-) Sure ji sirji Samjhi ji :)

    Chowla sir,

    Thanks so much.


    Ha you brought in a nice point. I restrain writing about my office/work because if it gets murky(which most of the time is), then its not good :)


    Thank you dear :)


    Thank you so much, I am glad and encourages me to learn further

    :-) Lets see if such a topic comes where you and I will strongly disagree, that will be fun :-D

  28. Congratulations Insignia!
    Pleasure to be a part of this journey.

    Blogs might have come and gone, bloggers might have stayed or gone, you stayed, your blog stayed. Kudos!

    I want 3000 more posts at least this year.

  29. Hey B,why don't you gift a Favicon to your blog on your 300th post :)

  30. Kavita,

    I noticed that space on the template. Nice idea :) Thank you, let me gift one :D

  31. Abhinav,

    Thanks so much. :-) I am glad that you continue to read my posts.

    Haha no time my dear :) Thank you for your patience in reading me and for your support

  32. Congratulations,Bindu.
    Yours is an exceptional blog.You have exemplary skill with words.And you have the ability to give life to your thoughts, I can easily understand what you think and write about.It doesn't just go above my head,or make me sleepy.For a person as young as you, your thoughts are more mature.

    Keep on blogging.Why bother about what happens and when.

  33. Doc,

    Thanks Doc. Constant encouragement and support from folks like you keeps me going. It feels nice to share the niceties of life and thus I write.

    Life has taught me a great deal at a very young age; so thats why my thoughts are mature maybe :)

    Thanks much


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